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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Of Power Cords and Priorities

It's been a long time since I've written, though not for lack of things to say.  Perhaps I've been caught in a Barn Swallow Relativity shift, sure seems that way most days.  But the reality is a little more mundane....no power cord.  Ninety percent of my internet time is spent with my laptop, in my recliner, out in the living room.  There I have Daughter to talk to, dvds to watch, candles in the fireplace, windows looking out over the neighbor's fields, dawg curled up next to the chair.....who wants to sit in the back room in the uncomfortable chair with the big noisy desktop?

Not me.  So when the laptop power cord shorted out, I just sort of quit going on the internet.  It didn't take long to start reading books again, and having more discussions with Daughter.  It has been a peaceful time, paying more attention to the life right around me and realizing again that living in the moment is important. I haven't bought a replacement cord yet.  Maybe I'm reluctant to end this 'priorities' lesson.

In the meantime, projects continue as possible around the homestead.  The drought has hit here, too.  The garden is small enough to keep watered, but the grass is toast.  Unfortunately, so are much of my neighbor's crops.  The corn looks stunted and twisted and the beets look sad.  Any gains made by planting a month early have been lost.  Despite the watering, my garden is the worst it has been for many seasons.  I planted four rows of corn and five of carrots; I have about eight stunted corn plants and about half a row of carrots.  The weeds have taken over completely, literally head high when I kneel to pull them out.  The cucumbers turn yellow when just a few inches long, and most of the beans never came up.  So far the tomato plants are doing well, thankfully.  I can't imagine how desperate I would be if this garden was my only source of vegetables for the next year!   Hopefully my Amish neighbors are having better luck and I'll be able to buy some corn and beans to can up for the winter.

Of course, booting up the desktop and going online has also reminded me there is so much to be said and done in an effort to save this great nation from the machinations of wicked men.  More on that later; until then, here's some food for thought: