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Friday, December 2, 2011

Cooped Up!

Ever have one of those days when you hurry and work and still seem to not get ahead?  Today was like that.  Beautiful sunshine starting the melt the snow outside, but I had no time to get out and enjoy it.

Most of the day was spent in the kitchen, scrubbing the remnants of the grease and soot from the stove and microwave, doing dishes (how do just two people make so many dirty dishes?) and continuing the organizing and cleaning.  It's amazing how one change creates an avalanche of other changes that need to be made.  A family member bought a new stove, so I inherited the old one.  It's a switch for me from an electric to a propane model, which of course means I no longer have the big drawer on the bottom for all the pots and pans.  Moving the pots and pans means clearing out shelves and cupboards, which means reorganizing everything, which leads to a major sorting, winnowing and date-mark checking sort of day.

I gave up on my broth I was making; even though I had put it in the fridge, when I heated it up again it just didn't seem right so I didn't can it.  A lot of  effort (and risk!) for no reward.   :-(

I also tried another experiment, this one of canning up some bulk pork sausage.  I did a lot of recipe reading and advice asking, and still managed to have another problem!  This time I was following thee directions for browning the sausage prior to putting it in the jars, and managed to burn it.  Sigh.  Not too bad, but there I was, fishing ball after ball of sausage out of the frying pan, and cutting off the burned sections.  The rest of the process seemed to go alright, and I canned up eight pints of funny looking, lopsided sausage balls.  All the jars seemed to seal, I'll check them thoroughly in the morning. 

Lakota Squash

It's an heirloom - I saved those seeds!

The big canning pots are washed and stored; the dehydrator and it's trays have been scrubbed and put away; and I got one of my Lakota squashes baked and into the freezer.  So perhaps the day wasn't a total loss after all...but I sure would have liked to have gotten out in the sunshine!

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