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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Getting Started

It's a couple of days late, according to the Old Farmer's Almanac, but I finally got going with the garden seeds.  I've tried different things such as peat pots, old egg cartons, and so on, but I've had the best success with the pellet/flat/clear cover combo available fairly inexpensively almost everywhere, so I invested in refills, and that's all I'm using this year.  This is a case where spending money actually saves money; last year I lost a lot of seedlings trying to work with cheaper materials. So far it's just the peppers and tomatoes; other seeds are scheduled for a little later in the spring. The plant labels are made of slats from an old mini blind, and I soaked the seeds over night prior to planting.  Each label has the name of the seed, as well as the year the seed was packed.  I put several seeds in each pellet, and once they're up I'll thin them to the strongest seedling.  Now it's just the wait and see game!

Cutting labels from a miniblind.

First flat done!

It's finally cooled off some; still above normal but the weathermen have issued a "freeze warning" for tonight.  I just came in from throwing a cover on my poor silly tulips and daffodils that thought spring was here, and I wish all of you could see what I saw.  If I had a tripod for my camera, I would try to capture it.  The golden, crescent moon is laying just above the western horizon, pale company for brilliant Venus and shining Jupiter.  The air is gentle, still carrying the warmth of the day, and the sky is deeply dark and black, lit with a stunning array of stars.  Orion is standing tall, guarding the southwest sky and already much higher over the horizon than he was in January.  The whole night is alive with heavenly light, and one can only stand and gaze in wonder at what the Creator has wrought.  I feel bad for those who live in cities, blinded by man-made light and unable to see the glory overhead, and I know I'm blessed to have my peaceful spot, where I can relax on my patio swing with an unobstructed view of God's handiwork.

Until next time, God bless you and take care, my friends.

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  1. Oh the beautiful wonder God has created for us to enjoy. Just one more reason I love living out here on the farm where we do. You can go out at night and see the stars, moon and listen to all Gods lil creatures making music. I made the comment to Rodger the other evening about how nice, quiet and peacefull it was here at home. next morning he sat on the porch drinkin his coffee and when I went out he said, "it sure aint quiet here, with all the birds singing, geese honking overhead lookin for the pond, and squirrels chatterin in the trees." I said yeh but its Gods beautiful music that is free to enjoy. I think if I had to live in a city I would sure lose my mind. I just dont care for the noise and fast pace of city life.