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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Moving On Up!

Which actually means endless trips up and down the basement stairs.  My seedlings have prospered in their little grow station, and I've been busy transplanting them.  I ran out of room under the lights long before I ran out of seedlings, so I quickly cobbled together a primitive cold frame.  Even though the days are mild now, the nights are still too cold and frosty for unprotected seedlings.

I used two longer planks that had actually been the sides of my trailer before I rebuilt it, and some leftover bits of what had been an insulated, heated, paneled, doghouse.  (Long story.)  The corner braces were made from parts of pallets I picked up for free.  Topped with a couple of old windows a friend gave me after a remodeling project, and lined with black plastic left from landscaping, it's not pretty but I hope it will be enough to protect the plants.  As I have time and can find a matching third window, I may refine it and try to use it for growing some greens during the off season. 

I did say 'primitive'
Here's another upwards moment:  actual customer service!  And from my local internet provider, no less.  They're changing over from 3G to 4G (I have no idea what that means but it's supposed to be good) and had to come replace the equipment at my house.  The tech was a new guy, very young, but good natured and he worked fast.  Unfortunately, he was also a little careless and when he replaced the cable from the antenna on the roof, he did not tuck it up under the soffit, but left it lay in the eavestrough, and the just let it run down into the house without a drip loop.  Augh!  I took pictures and emailed them to the company and politely mentioned that I was NOT happy.  I figured I'd hear back in a week or so, only to be very surprised by a phone call within twenty minutes of the email, and two trucks in my driveway within two hours.  Wow!  No arguments, no "but that's our policy" nonsense, just the young guy and his supervisor replacing the cable and doing it right and being very polite and respectful the whole time.  Now THAT'S how you do customer service!  I didn't even have to call the Philippines or ask for an interpreter.  See what happens when you don't outsource?  So I would highly recommend SpeedConnect, if you're in need of an internet service provider in Michigan. 

Until next time, God bless, and take care, my friends.

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