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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A Little Slow Down

They say there's two sides to every coin, and I believe that's true.  Both of my vehicles are paid off, and it is a blessing to not have a vehicle payment every month, especially now that I'm unemployed.  The flip side of the coin is that they are both quite elderly; creaky in the joints and high in the miles.  The little puddle jumper had bad tie rod ends and a rear brake siezed up; the ol' truck has been having electrical issues.  I have to say both vehicles have given good value, traveling far with just routine maintenance and few repairs.  Nonetheless, I began the week a bit distraught that neither vehicle was useful, and very concerned about repair bills.

I should learn to have more faith.  God knows what I need, and His way is always best, even when it doesn't coincide with what I think I need.  Somehow just when things seem bleak, something breaks through.  It can be as simple as a phone call from a friend, or as huge as a family member helping with the repair bills.  (Thank you!!)  Sometimes I think He might be sending me a reminder to slow down a bit and pay attention instead of rushing about so much.  Yesterday morning the truck was completely kaputzka and I feared major electrical problems, which to me are like algebra:  I know there must be a sort of logic to it, but the mixture of numbers and letters is a puzzle that makes my brain hurt.  I stewed about it yesterday while the freezing rain and high winds kept me from working outside but today I decided to start simple, and hooked up the battery charger.  I plugged it in and turned back to the truck just in time to see the headlights came on.  Oh boy.  So there I stood, snowflakes whirling and dancing about, gently drifting down on my head like laughter from heaven, feeling both foolish and relieved.  After turning the lights off, and letting the battery charge up for an hour or so, the truck started up just like my old faithful friend of the past 300,000 miles.  This one was my fault.

I decided it was a lesson learned and came inside for leisurely lunch and some quality time with my jigsaw puzzle before getting on with the chores.  There's nothing quite like the peace of a quiet house, just the clock ticking and the dog snoring, snowflakes floating past the window and the little 'snap' of a puzzle piece fitting into place.  The dishes to wash and letters to write will still be there...a pause to rest and be thankful is never wasted time.

Take care my friends, and remember to slow down and look for God's blessings.


  1. I never cease to be amazed at the lil blessings that we see in all our lives everyday. SO glad your truck is back on the road and didnt cost ya an arm an a leg. Hugs


  2. Lovely picture, lovely message to remember. Glad your vehicle is up and running again.
    Blessings to you!
    Sheri (Claygirl)