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Saturday, April 21, 2012

One Foot in Front of the Other

Sometimes it seems like that's all one can do, just keep plugging away.  There's much to do on the homestead these days and it's a struggle to keep up now that I've been called back to work a couple days/week.  The garden seedlings are doing well, the first tomatoes are ready to be transplanted to larger containers, some of the peppers are up, and the squash seedlings seemed to come up in no time.  I'm pleased with the way the peat pellets work, I haven't had near the losses I had last year trying to use other methods.  Of course the weather has decided to repeat early March, and get it right this time - our 80 degree days have disappeared and it's been in the 40s, with wind, rain, and the occasional snowflake, so my baby plants will be staying safely under the grow lights for now.  I also got all my seeds sorted out and plans somewhat finalized as to what is going where in the garden.

Last Monday we had quite a blustery day.  Lots of power outages, trees down, a few buildings damaged.  Woke up Tuesday morning to find a large portion of a tree across my driveway.  Thankfully it missed everything, but there was no getting out until I got a path cut.  I was really happy I had bought that little electric chainsaw!  Finished clearing all that up today and cutting the broken portion off the rest of the tree.  The saw has a 14" blade, and was just about at it's full size and horsepower capacity trying to get through that, but we made it.  Glad I didn't have to struggle with the gas saw!

Kind of looks like it hurt
Got a little side job of tilling up a garden patch for a neighbor - and this time I kept the tiller under control!  Bartered the work for a few needful things, so it was all good.

With all the rain my grass is beginning to look like a hayfield, so it's time to tackle the job of putting new blades on the mower deck and getting it on the tractor.  Though I keep eyeing a certain portion of the back yard, that if it was tilled up would make a dandy pumpkin patch.....

Until next time, take care, my friends.

My poor frozen, wind-swept tulips.

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