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Saturday, April 7, 2012


Today was another one of those "interesting" days that I seem to have.  It was supposed to be just a simple day: clean house, take care of my seedlings, bake a cake, do laundry; simple, normal stuff.  Somehow, though, my simple, normal days seem to take a left turn shortly after breakfast, and then it's hold on to your hat the rest of the day.

Remember the home-made ginger ale experiment?  Well after deciding that I didn't care for the taste, I had forgotten about the bottle in the back of the fridge.  Found it this morning while clearing out other, shall we say, "unintended experiments", and decided I should just empty the bottle.  So I carefully hold it over the sink and start to slowly open the cap.

Ever watch a video of the Diet Coke/Mentos combination?  Oh yeah.  As soon as the cap was slightly open, that ginger ale started shooting out, whistling and foaming and blowing the cap right off.  The bottle spun in my hands, bounced off the sink, and shot across the room, spewing a jet of supercharged ginger ale in it's wake.  It slammed into the pantry door, ricocheted under the table, launched off a chair, arced across the ceiling, sprayed down the storage cupboards, and finally came to a spinning, gurgling stop in the center of the floor.  I was still standing at the counter, hands out over the sink cupped around a bottle that was no longer there, with bits of grated ginger dripping down my face and a soaking wet shirt.  The poor ol' dawg had run for cover and was watching cautiously from the other room, one curious brown eye and a perked-up ear visible in the doorway.  All was suddenly very quiet, except for the drip, drip, drip of ginger ale falling from the ceiling, until I started laughing.  Ok, there may have been a bit of hysteria to it, but what else could I do?  I must have looked pretty silly!

I hadn't planned on starting the heavy duty Spring cleaning today, but since the entire kitchen was a sticky, wet, aromatic mess, well, I had no choice.  Not only was the floor covered, I found puddles of ginger ale on the table, the counters, the stove, and in the silverware drawer.  There's a few silver linings to the day though - my kitchen is bright and shiny, I still got the cake done, and I'm not hosting the Easter dinner this year, so the other chores can wait.

Looking forward to the sunrise Easter service tomorrow, to the light, the joy, the great old hymns.  I know that my Redeemer lives!

Happy Easter, my friends.

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  1. Laugh out loud funny! Thank you for sharing that.