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Friday, November 18, 2011


November isn't usually a time of beginnings.  Say "November" and folks will think of turkey dinners, early sunsets, the end of the garden season, and finishing fall projects before the snow flies.  But this year, for me, it is a time of beginnings.  I choose to look at it that way, with thankfulness and hope, despite the fact that I've just been laid off from my job.  It wasn't much of a job, as such things go.  Attrition is an ugly word but we here in Michigan know it by heart.  Industry fails, the economy falters, politicians fiddle, and my job falls victim as the house of cards collapses.  Full time with benefits becomes part time without benefits, becomes less time, becomes nothing.

There's a line that says "Whenever God allows a door to close, somewhere He opens a window".

So here, my friends, is the beginning of my search for the window.

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