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Sunday, November 27, 2011


Tweeting, facebooking, updating, texting, messaging - it seems folks are just constantly "plugged in" anymore.  Radio, tv, internet - it's a constant bombardment of information, much of it of questionable worth.  I'll admit to a little more internet time than may be healthy, but I'm reading up on recipes, checking prices on the Kitchen Aid stand mixer I'd like to have, and reading homesteading forums.  I rarely watch the news, turn the radio on, or check anyone's status, so I guess I'd be labeled "unplugged".  Even my Dad, who is certainly not of the tech generation, is way ahead of me when it comes to the news.

So I was quite dismayed when I ran across a forum post where the writer cited an article detailing what happened last week, listing assault, shooting, trampling, and rioting.  Did this happen at an emotionally charged political rally, over high-priority issues?  No, most of it happened at WalMart, over video games. 

Video games!!!  Talk about unplugged! Are we disconnected from wisdom, discernment, and self-control?  Divorced from reason? How did owning a game become more important than caring about the person standing next to you?  I think it's time for a priority check, to assess what's really important. What is this season about, anyways?

Today is the first Sunday of Advent, a season of joy, hope, and thanksgiving, celebrating the birth of our Savior two thousand years ago, and anticipating His glorious return.  Traditionally it's also a time to connect and share with family and friends.  Think about it.  Maybe it's time to plug in to what's important.


  1. I'm enjoying your blog! I'm glad to see you putting your writing talents on display to the public - it's about time...

  2. Thank you for your encouragement, my friend!